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Plug N Play Input Panel Instructions

The input panel is used to connect your laptop or tablet computer to the projection system using an HDMI or VGA cable. Other portable devices may also be connected.

Since your portable device is not adjusted specifically for the system, please test it in the classroom prior to the event. If you would like assistance, please contact Classroom Technology to schedule a testing appointment.

Plug and Play Control Pad Closeup

A. Locate the connectors on the input panel. Determine the connections needed to attach your device. 

Plug and Play Input Panel HDMI

B. The HDMI input connection will send both high definition video and audio from a digital device to the projection system.

Plug and Play Adapters

C. Each Plug-N-Play classroom has a selection of adapters that allow portable devices with Displayport, Thunderbolt, and others to connect via HDMI.

Plug and Play Input Panel VGA

D. The VGA input connection works with most older devices. A separate stereo audio connection is available, and requires a 1/8" cable from the laptop's headphone connection.

Plug and Play Room Controls

E. Adjust the volume using the control pad’s volume controls.