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Plug N Play Startup Instructions

The audiovisual instructional technology system in this classroom is operated by using controls installed on the wall by the front of the classroom.

Plug and Play Room Controls

A. Locate the room controls at the front of the classroom. These controls consist of a push-button control pad, input panel, projection screen controls, and power outlet. Please contact Classroom Technology support if you would like to schedule a training session in advance of your event or class. 

Plug and Play Control Pad

B. The control pad allows you to turn the projector on and off and adjust the room volume.

Plug and Play Screen Controls

C. Use the arrow buttons to raise or lower the motorized projection screen.

Plug and Play Input Panel

D. The input panel has HDMI and VGA input to connect your portable device. Depending on the connection your device requires, you may need to bring your own video adapter.