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PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) Camera

Like a standard webcam, our PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras are connected via USB to the computer for use with video conferencing and/or recording services (such as Zoom, Mediasite, Teams, Google Hangouts, etc.). Unlike a standard webcam, PTZ cameras are set further away from the instructor (typically mounted to a wall or ceiling) and have robotic controls to provide horizontal (Pan), vertical (Tilt), and focal length (Zoom) adjustments to the lens to allow the instructor to be "seen" by the camera in more locations around the room.

Availability of newer technology as well as refined designs since the 2018 prototype Web Conference Ready classrooms, our most recent PTZ implementations have additional features such as integrated classroom microphones, extended (e.g. 20x-30x) focal/zoom, and/or auto-tracking capabilities in some locations.

List of CTec classrooms where PTZ's are being implemented (updated September 17, 2021):

Control Alternate Delete to Login screen on Windows

A. Follow our  Computer (Windows PC) instructions to select the computer for projection in the classroom.

Computer screen shows Go To Meeting video conference software. Orange cat is in the camera preview window.

B. From the PC, start your recording/streaming software of choice. Then bring up the software's camera preview window, so you can see where the PTZ camera is aimed.

Note: If the wrong camera is showing (i.e. document camera), you will need to select a different camera in your software's settings.

Blank touchpanel

C. Locate the touchpanel on the lectern top.

Touchpanel Camera button with camera icon

D. Find and press the camera button to access its controls

Camera Movement Control Buttons: Up, Down, Left, Right, Fast Slow, Zoom In, Zoom Out 
Camera Preset Buttons: 1 Instructor Wide, 2 Instructor Close Up, 3 Students Front, 4 Students Back, 0 Camera Turned Away

E. Use the buttons on this touchpanel page to control the PTZ camera's pan (horizontal shift), tilt (vertical shift), zoom (focal shift), movement speed, or to activate the presets (one-button to move the camera to one of several pre-programmed positions).

Presets are typically set to:

  • "1" Instructor Wide View
  • "2" Instructor Close-Up View
  • "3" Students Front (overall class view)
  • "4" Students Back (overall class view)
  • "0" Turned Away from Viewing

If your PTZ classroom has an "additional feature" listed...

Windows' PC Sound Settings Page

Integrated Microphones: The classroom microphone systems (Gooseneck, Wireless Mic, etc.) can simultaneously be used as a computer mic for video conferencing or lecture recording.

Touchpanel Camera Zoom In button with magnifying glass plus-sign icon

Extended Focal/Zoom Capability: Initial PTZ cameras for the Prototype rooms had 10x cameras. The standard camera now is 20x, but a 30x is available for the rooms with the longest distance from camera to front of room.

Touchpanel Camera Tracking On Off Button with Camera Icon

Auto-Tracking: Drives the PTZ camera to follow a presenter around the front of the classroom. This tracking mode is framed based upon Preset 1 (Instructor Wide View) to ensure optimal viewing of the blackboard. The tracking zone is setup across the front of the classroom, like a stage. When Auto-tracking mode is enabled the camera will try to keep all motion in the tracking zone within view until it locks onto a single subject.